♫♪  DJ NJ DRONE - “Blood Kakao”

Alluding to the title, “Blood Kakao,” one can only imagine DJ NJ DRONE is trying to audibly convey the feeling of translating a text written in blood. Trying to figure out who’s blood it is, feeling the revenge upon finding out, and what he’ll do when he gets there. With the club-mind mentality, DJ NJ DRONE draws from live and recorded samples that work both digitally effected and naturally timbre’d, dropping in and out of a bass dropped and snare-sifting beat, eventually becoming that beat, completely switching around the mentality of each listener at the end. It’s all at first perplexing, so you do a bit of a dance, but by the time that beat sets in, your body will not be able to handle itself, and they might kick you out the club. As I said, “Blood Kakao” is akin to receiving a text messaged written in blood.

Although, “Blood Kakao” doesn’t get out as out of control musically as one would think. At the end, when he flips the from pounding bass and sizzle-snare beat to the vocal rhythm drawing the core-beat is exactly where DJ NJ DRONE snaps, but carefully and intentionally. It’s a composure of pure live-club aesthetics that can only be found in future producers. So just give it six more days, and the Bootleg Tape of DJ NJ DRONE’S ESPRESSO SYN will drop the hardest any reel has ever been released on April 20. And if you ain’t conin’ to DJ NJ DRONin’ at Bassa Nova Civic Club during the night of his release (billed with LAMPGOD), then you’d better be on your way!

• DJ NJ DRONE: https://soundcloud.com/r-i-p-dj
• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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