March 3 is a really important day for my mom, brother, and me, so in the midst of our grievance, I felt there was a dimensional delight in the air. Now, I don’t believe in anything “afterlife,” but there is the always a curious notion that vortexes and portals are traveling at a rate in which humans cannot see. This is why sound is so important in all our lives. Especially within the healing aspects of mentality. So I was delighted today when URSSS sent Tiny Mix Tapes the opportunity to premiere a live video/recording of DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE (a.k.a. Lieven Martens Moana) “Live in Milan, Italy” performing MEDITAZIONI ELETTRONICHE II — Electronic Medications — at MACAO. MACAO is “an occupied space abandoned by the public and private, where they explore new forms of economy and new forms of expression of collective intelligence,” and the audience turn-out and atmosphere are like a pendulum of serenity.

Diving into the sounds of MEDITAZIONI ELETTRONICHE II, it’s important to note that Lieven (both under his name and DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE) fluctuates between synthetic sounds and field recorded samples, yet the works are always meticulously composed. Within MEDITAZIONI ELETTRONICHE II, listeners are blessed with a synthetically driven sound, narrated by infrequent found-sounds — rather than the equal balance he has found in his more recent studio releases. However, I’m a sucker for all things Edições CN, and knowing Lieven used to do interpretive dances or visual guides during previous shows, it’s cool to see him completely involved in the “performance” as sound navigator, caressing ears in Milan and across the world via URSSS. Personally, I’ll be recording it to a blank cassette for sweet beach action this summer. Thankfully, URSSS is still curing FOMO. Enjoy. Relax. Peace:

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