♫♪  Maria Minerva - “Galaxy”

Mmmm, Facebook. Is it to be used as research or novelty? Getting outta control on social media is like yelling at someone who just cut you off as your window is rolled up. But it’s all legit. Jobs is jobs, yo. Fragility is the entitlement of this current generation.

Anyway, this is what Gorilla vs. Bear should’ve wrote about for their premiere of Maria Minerva’s video “Galaxy”: “so happy n proud to share this video for GALAXY. tall estonian lady amongst the tall buildings of the new york city of wonders. one of the best music vids i have ever made, a million thanks to my friends who directed/produced it, was a pleasure and will always remind me of my time in nyc.”

Maybe musicians should further critique their work outside the music and “publicly” through social media from now on. Just write a review yourself, no? All music journalists/bloggers can shut down now. We’re/y’all are needed no more! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

• Maria Minerva: https://soundcloud.com/mariaminerva
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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