♫♪  Erica Eso - “Pink Atlantic”

Last October, one of Chocolate Grinder’s fav labels Ramp Local dropped the Erica Eso CD and CS release of 2019. The entire album itself is very theatrical in the sense that there is something flagrantly going on within and outside the lyrics narrating the story. Similar to Eartheater and Antony and the Johnstons, Erica Eso (Weston Minissali of Cloud Becomes Your Hand, including comprised of Rhonda Lowry on drums, Nathaniel Morgan on bass and Ellen O’Meara on synthesizer), their music is way more atmospherically built that something immediately melodied or hooked, even how the lyrics sort of form thoughts (opposed to the typical lyrical direction in thinking) is a world building quality.

So, it’s nice to get visuals for Erica Eso’s “Pink Atlantic,” steering listener’s internal visions toward something (very very slightly) more concrete. Paced similar to the track’s beat, the video for “Pink Atlantic” shares equality between humorous and visually telling moving-images that blend that funny-serious line I fuck with in art. Like, no doubt to I take these lyrics and the singing 100% as completely earnest, but I also can’t help but crack a smile when that fellah is looking from a blue pool into a green one, potentially where some of the other swimmers wade earlier in the video. There-fore, there’s a time-lapse nobody recognizes in the video until somewhat toward the end when the “players” are visually time-lapsed as “slow motion” figures. But feel it all for yourself below, and don’t forget to scope Erica Eso’s 2019 on Ramp Local out NOW, but going fast, so HURRY AND GRIP!

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