♫♪  Five Star Hotel - Body Absolution

Visual Disturbances co-founder Five Star Hotel (a.k.a. Michael Jerome) is set to release his new album Body Absolution this coming Tuesday, March 15, and we’re Point Break-stoked to share the full, mixed together stream. Clocking in at 52 minutes, his longest yet, Body Absolution is a Detroit-bred marathon of soaring trance hooks and gut-punching bass. The roots of his dark alleyway trap mixtape series #HOTELSEASON I & II and the large scale, wall-wrecking noise last year’s Outlands shelled out are on Body Absolution’s sleeves, but the mentality connecting them is new. As Body Absolution plays, Five Star Hotel’s growth into power noise peaks. Jerome’s vocals on “Fusion” are as crushing as the track he’s drudging into. The notion of this heavy, negative release in “Independence Day” dropping out into “Damaged Vessel,” where a few moments of peace, a feeling of breathing room explode into this release, this ultra fierce liberation midway through. And nearing the end, the album’s longest track, “Body Tunnel,” drives a >160BPM juggernaut beat sidecar-ing with a spacey, dripping clock-like clavicle.

The amount of energy produced by Body Absolution is indicative of how much work Jerome put into the project. The album name itself, absolving his physical person, powering through something with noise, is as meditative and intrapersonal as it is jarring and mean. It’s exhaustive. It’s the warm, dark whole we sit during ego death. It’s a huge album and probably Five Star Hotel’s best yet.

There isn’t a time-coded tracklist on mix, that comes with the release Tuesday, so run through the whole stream below and pre-order Body Absolution on digital and cassette.

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