♫♪  Five Star Hotel - “Earth Cycle”

Stoke the fire, Five Star Hotel (a.k.a. Michael Jerome) is releasing Gravity Signal July 22. The last year and a half of Five Star Hotel produced two full-length albums (Outlands & Body Absolution and two mixtapes (#HOTELSEASON I & II) all self-released through the noise hustle machine, Visual Disturbances. Now, Five Star Hotel is taking his talents to Cali label Memory No. 36.

In Five Star Hotel style, the six-song, digital-only dig into cyber-horror-futurism starts out with the dark track “Earth Cycle,” but with a twist that pops up throughout Gravity Signal. Near the center point of “Earth Cycle,” scattered drum rolls and heavy cymbal crash dissipate for a moment allowing this fulfilling synth to rise to the forefront, opening up the room, and rolling out a massive swell – beautiful in scale and destructive in its release like Cleveland’s Balloonfest ‘86. Stream it below and grab Gravity Signal from on July 22.

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