♫♪  Gora Sou - “Bay of Seven Moons {Swan Dive Prelude}” (Rose Modular Remix)

It’s that feeling you get when you wake up on a dewy morning, and in the year 2603, faith is a totally different animal internally. The moon had deteriorated by obliterating asteroids around 2212, the Earth lost plenty of tidal shifts, experienced unusual gravitational wakes, moods that have bugged the study of psychology, and pure dark nights. Around 2410, the population growth hit it’s max, and starvation was at an all-time high, thus began a massive exodus for open land and food. Between the times ROCKS showed up — the first three around 2481, the last four almost immediately around 2532 — human life decreased and emotionally evolved into families and clans; grouped beliefs became pinnacle for survival. Until the seven moons began rotating our Earth, helping us gravitate and process psyche much quicker, humans were never in a darker state. Now, after nights of hunting and foraging new foods and shelters, you awake at and take the “Bay of Seven Moons {Swan Dive Prelude}” into collective praise of the Gora Sou monument afloat above the water, backed by the power of Rose Modular.

Rose Modular (duo including Holly Waxwing) remixed a track by Gora Sou called “Bay of Seven Moons {Swan Dive Prelude}.” Above is inevitably the prophecy of time that Gora Sou beholds in the tips of his key scaling fingers. Layer upon layer of pure sound explorations and melody mixture, Gora Sou just “let’s it happen,” as humans will always TRY, but continue to submit to the adaptation of life and art. Glad Rose Modular was around to spin their take on “Bay of Seven Moons.” Noumenal Loom popped out Gora Sou’s newest album Living XXL on tape, and you can grip it here. Enjoy the remix below:

• Gora Sou: https://soundcloud.com/marc-bel
• Rose Modular: https://soundcloud.com/rose-modular
• Noumenal Loom: http://noumenalloom.com

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