♫♪  Gora Sou - “Choreography (Nico Niquo Remix)”

Don’t call us incestuous just because Nico Callaghan dropped the hardest remix of 2015 under the Nico Niquo moniker. Have a listen for yourself, because Gora Sou has never sounded this perpetually beat-heavy, and Nico’s remix of “Choreography” would completely set a zone on the next dance-mix you got popping. Like, moving traffic level of drips and come-backs on a rythm and synth scaling, flakes of iridescent just irradiate from your speakers. Watch the colors as Nico Niquo turn’ts out “Choreography” and completely moves your body in contortion to the sounds. As if the combination of musicianship here reaches ASMR levels of feels, but without all the hax mic-to-mouth bullllllshit. These are bits of your psyche melting with spinal fluid, mangling limbs and hairs, flesh and sweat into a twister of dancing. You know I’m a solo act!

Scope the new Gora Sou tape Ramifications, including Nico Niquo’s Epitaph CD, on Orange Milk TODAY, and jam that “Choreography” remix blow until you’ve worked out all the kinks:

• Nico Niquo: https://soundcloud.com/niconiquo
• Gora Sou: https://gorasou.bandcamp.com
• Orange Milk Records: https://orangemilkrecords.bandcamp.com

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