♫♪  G.S. Sultan - “Redundancy Charm Study”

Ripped from the new G.S. Sultan LP, Redundancy Suite on Phinery, “Redundancy Charm Study” brings true sharpness to the action of melting. Slurred and shaved, “Redundancy Charm Study” is the language we will eventually speak to each other. G.S. Sultan deploys such exquisitely etched audio that paring it with a full load of fantastic CGI, “real image” dazzles until overload maxes thy mind. Although, personally, I’d love it if the video visuals of “Redundancy Charm Study” were an aquarium — and it’d have to be a very public aquarium, tricking passer-byers into a pooled skull. Video made by John Brumley

But that ain’t all! Fizzle into Redundancy Suite/i> (limited streaming below) by G.S. Sultan. Nirvana may only be a click away from paradise, but how would you know if you don’t try? And if you run out, snag that vinyl Phinery cooked up. Spin into infinity:

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