G.S. Sultan creates a synthetic ecosystem on qeba CS for Sympathy Limited, premieres video

G.S. Sultan creates a synthetic ecosystem on qeba CS for Sympathy Limited, premieres video

For whatever reason, I’ve been getting less sleep and having more nightmares these days. It could be this restless time of year (or perhaps the -era Prince mix getting stuck in my car’s CD player), but if you too are feeling fidgety or agitated, we’d like to suggest the excellent electronic music by composer G.S. Sultan.

After releasing tracks on TMT favorites like Orange Milk, Phinery, and Umor Rex, G.S. Sultan, a.k.a. Roy Werner, is issuing his latest programmed brainpan-buster TODAY as a cassette via Sympathy Limited. The release is titled qeba, and it captures a work commissioned for public exhibition in Portland earlier this year.

Speaking about his intentions for the woozy meditation that is qeba, Werner had this to say:

This material was composed with the intent of creating a synthetic ecosystem that would fuse/coalesce pretty seamlessly with the naturally occurring public metropolitan commuter environment of downtown Portland. I’ve been writing software where different processes or algorithms attempt to ‘embody’ some invented character or component of an environment and the resulting composition is the interaction between multiple imagined characters/landscapes/objects. So “qeba” and the installation piece “klax vaults” I did earlier this year are both sort of in line with that.

TMT has the pleasure of premiering a video that coincides with qeba’s release. It’s a visual dynamic in violet ‘n’ white created by the label’s captain, multidisciplinary sound & visual artist — and friend of the site — Justin Meyers. Soothe yourselves with the optics below, and get your itchy fingers over to Sympathy Limited’s Bandcamp to pick up the qeba cassette.

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