♫♪  Honnda - “Fuchsia Philharmonic”

Like a Fanta ad cast by members of Toontown and set in a neon club, Honnda’s “Fuchsia Philharmonic” is crispy around the corners and slushy in the middle, holding the shine of its production in its own hand and greasing off its cowlick with fervent steps. Up and down it pulses. Left and right it pulls. Steps and swirls of vocal emulation/simulation bounce next to one another as the steady beat and bass mingles with arching and falling synths. The captions are on the TV, but no one is paying attention. The correct understanding of language is of no importance here. Only the pure sound(s) of virtual lips smacking and robotic tongues clicking hold any value. Run it.

“Your palm trees are ready.”

Taken from Honnda’s Diamonds in the Microwave (cassettes by Orange Milk and wax copies via Attracted Vinyl on 9/21/16), jostle your body next to the speakers and hold your stance firm. You’re going to want to hear “Fuchsia Philharmonic” as LOUD as possible.

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