♫♪  Kate NV - “пес DOG”

As drops of water might plop into a pond from a leaf weighed down with beads of water after a Summer rain

   blue dots, quivering beads, soft and velveteen
       placed about the leaf as if plotted
         as they are, chanced as they are
            each drop as each plop as

each coy sound that Kate NV arrays

    as flowers in a vase
       as candles on a shrine
          as brushed stones placed along a path
             in a Japanese garden, say
                a moss garden, say

tips the scale of the rest to keep each held in crooked balance and with wabi-sabi grace.

Each winking instance of “пес DOG” tips its wrist in perfect time and with the perfected surprise of a shishi odoshi fountain

    or, “deer scarer”
       there, underneath a tree
          doe eyes grow wide
             pupils dilate, and in a blink
                long eyelashes whip
                   and wobbling knees bound home

A dog barks. There’s so much to sound and see. Kate NV knows it. She takes her synths on walks. She lets them feel the wet air. It must be so fresh and refreshing as they sound each time around.

Hear more of Kate NV’s resplendent rain
   on her forthcoming LP,
      для FOR,
         released next month on RVNG Intl.,
             and check out some beautiful illustrations by Kate NV below.

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