♫♪  Kool Keith - Total Orgasm 4

Nobody here is saying Total Orgasm 4 is as GOOD as Kool Keith’s mixtape masterpiece, Total Orgasm, but it’s certainly meeting those margins that define a “fine line.” Let’s take it back: Total Orgasm drops in a year freight with contending, exceptional mixtapes (including Rick Ross’ last bastion of greatness), and 100 comes out on top. Then Total Orgasm 2 drops in January 2013, and (I’m sorry) it’s not forgettable, but everyone wants it to be, as there are loads of features that are just awkward and forced, and it sounds like Keith is struggling to keep the whole package afloat until Magentic Pimp Force Field is released in May that year to restless ears. Total Orgasm 3 is birthed, and takes the series back to a stable level, and the features are not only appropriate, but potentially mark the best tracks on the mixtape! Demolition Crash flips, minds are satiated for a long while, and then today happens when Total Orgasm 4 cums in all our ears.

With all songs produced by Number One Producer — leaving room for beats from DJ Junkaz Lou, Ray West, Ocean Ave Records, Citizen Chance, and Mr Sche — Kool Keith lays down another award winning mixtape that sets the bar high for people tryna brick his balls. Not to mention features from Ice T, Dane Uno, DJ Junkaz Lou, Big Sche Eastwood, Dolla Bill, Psycolistic, Woozy, and Franc Bacon, Total Orgasm 4 will be growing on all of us for awhile, but in a way where the question, “Does it actually meet Total Orgasm level greatness?” continues throughout 2016. And thanks to Junkadelic Music and Fat Beats, Total Orgasm 4 is a reality for us all. But don’t take my words for it. Fuck with it below and enjoy your Friday:

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