♫♪  Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - Hella Personal Film Festival Mini-Doc

Mello Music Group, one of the best-curated labels in hip-hop, took the concept of musical curation to a most meta level by recently releasing a concept album called Hella Personal Film Festival, which is essentially a slate of cinematic songs curated by MC Open Mike Eagle and producer Paul White, written and recorded while touring Europe. And what better way to promote a film festival of an album than with a mini-documentary capturing the making of said album? In this short piece, directed and filmed by Tim Crawley, you’ll learn how Mike and Paul were first introduced to each other’s music, how the creative process behind Hella Personal Film Festival differed from that of previous OME projects, and how come the duo of White and Eagle decided against naming their group White Eagle. Actually, not so much that last part, but you get the idea.

And now in addition to ideas, you can get your ticket to Hella Personal Film Festival via Mello Music Group or Bandcamp. Best of all, for this film festival, you don’t have to show up early or wait around on a rush line for 45 minutes, only to be told by Robert De Niro, “Sorry, folks, but vaccines might give you autism, annnnnd tickets for tonight’s event are all sold out, so goodnight and get home safe.” No, your seat at this screening is virtually guaranteed.

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