♫♪  Patrick Whitten & Barnaby Bennett - Pigeon

It’s time to take flight, Wednesday afternoon. You feeling that unwinnable tug-of-war pull between the weekends? Patrick Whitten & Barnaby Bennett are here to stretch out those lethargic vibes with the peace of pure electronics and mutated sounds. With Pigeon, the two take to the sky by-way of colors that beam in together through various forms of light and UV rays; they fuck-on a variety of sonic gestures here that subtly change throughout, to say the least. Yeah, it’s whimsical. But Pigeon also gets hellaciously dark in lingering brooding ways. Pensive and thought-provoking, this 22+ minute track will certainly satiate any desire to just stare off into the Wednesday sky — blue or black — swelling your mind, waiting for the weekend. Take Patrick Whitten & Barnaby Bennett by the ear (because HAND in this instance doesn’t work). Let them guide you a path in what it’s all about.

What is it all about? Pigeon, duh:

• Barnaby Bennett: http://barnabybennett.snack.ws
• Patrick Whitten: http://feelercgy.bandcamp.com

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