Kyle Bobby Dunn
“In Praise of Tears”

During the recording sessions of what may well prove to be the most impassive album of 2012, ambient composer Kyle Bobby Dunn crafted five fresh formations on his 1968 Jazzmaster at L’auberge de Belleville, Canada. Each piece was assembled with very little processing and the desire to propel the frontiers of what elongated torment might embody sonically.

The result is an arresting resuscitation of the sullen ambient aesthetic this sagacious composer has become so renowned for — a selection of calm, peaceful, and melancholic works that brood and dilate perfectly under the precise title of his latest record. In Miserum Stercus, or “Most Miserable Dung,” is said to embody the feeling of being more miserable than thou, a state one can only hope the artist does not truly find himself in, for these are some of the most seductive ambient compositions of the year.

Have a listen to “In Praise of Tears” in preparation for Kyle Bobby Dunn’s second release of 2012, which is out on November 27 through Komino.

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