♫♪  Roland Tings - “Hiding In The Bushes”

When I first got deep in the zone of 100% Silk, Roland Tings was one whose sounds (especially the Live in Thornbury cassette) brought me out of my Coldplay-induced stupor, and opened a vast new world of tones and beats beyond what was touted in my dad’s copies of Rolling Stone.

The Melbourne, Australia based producer has been plugging away ever since, with further releases on Silk, Internasjonal, 1080p, and Cascine. His latest single, “Hiding in the Bushes,” is out now as an apertif between his last release, 2017’s Each Moment a Diamond, and a forthcoming LP on Cascine (out this fall. Sorry, no other details. It’s a mystery!). As Tings himself describes the process behind “Hiding in the Bushes,” and the LP in general, it’s got the vibe of “losing track of reality and going right off the deep end,” which is a mindset I can get behind and support all the way to the loony bin.

Roland Tings consistently brings the bouncy, effervescent house energy to his work, and 2019 shows no sign of halting the momentum. Throw “Hiding in the Bushes” on when the party gets weird, and when the raver kids are re-upping their glow sticks for the next several hours of moving to the grooves. Does any of this make sense? Maybe I’m the one losing track of my reality?!?

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