♫♪  Roland Tings - “Floating On A Salt Lake”

First time I gripped on Roland Tings was the Milky Way 45 on 100% Silk. It was actually unlabelled due to the packaging I received it in (not their normal packaging), and Roland Tings was written in white on the LP middle sticker. Didn’t even realize it was a 45, so I played it at 33, and my mind was BLOWN for about 30 minutes. Just the most intricate minimal retro house music dripping out my speakers at the speed of sludge, and frying was seering across my nodes.

For a long time, I always thought it was so HARD to make music. It seemed like such a learning curved process, I’d always think, I’ve ZERO patience to learn. Found out it’s actually a lot easier than I had expected, just need a few hundo$ for equipment and then a basic idea of how to use it prior to taking flight all on your own; the creative process is really the intentional progression. So it’s interesting to see “Floating On A Salt Lake” being live produced by Roland Tings here (radically in a church). Makes the conceptualization of the mystery behind the beat.

Dance ‘til you drop, no DOUBT Roland Tings always got your back, and just this past April, Internesjonal popped off a new RT 12-inch, Who U Love, which contains the 12-INCH VERSION (!!!!!) of “Floating On A Salt Lake.” this video above is such a tease, OMG, I take back everything I just wrote!!! ;)

• Roland Tings: https://soundcloud.com/rolandtings
• Internasjonal: http://www.discogs.com/label/99778-Internasjonal

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