♫♪  Sean McCann - “Character Change”

There was a time when a blown note meant something. When a change in tempo and timbre signaled a dynamic shift in idealism. It was the art of composition, now adrift in a sea of improvisation and impatience. The investment in time by a listener presenting diminishing returns. Mozart tossed in his grave; Glass wears a hangdog face; Kanye compares himself to God.

But lo, Sean McCann re-emerges from our apathetic mist with enthusiasm, unfurling long compositions with no worry of rebuke or haunted by missed opportunities. His return isn’t some snooty dressing down of current pop sensibilities; it’s a strident call to recapture the spirit of Sergei Prokofiev. Music is allowed to be fun and exciting, even if carefully crafted notes on a scale are played just so.

At least so it goes with “Character Change,” an agile piece showcasing McCann’s growing proficiency as a composer and musician, each instrument a separate voice conveying a tale as vibrant and rich as the listener’s imagination allows. Early bellows give way to twinkling toes and nose kisses, majestic forest creatures prancing across an idyllic meadow. The mist eventually parts, and we are left in a meadow of unpronounceable respite.

You know, rainbows and unicorns and all that shit.

Sean McCann’s new album, Music For Private Ensemble, ships July 9 via his own Recital imprint. Reserve your copy here.

• Sean McCann: http://mccann.bandcamp.com
• Recital: http://www.recitalprogram.com

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