♫♪  Seth Graham - “No.00 In Clean Life”

The amount of nonsense Seth Graham goes through to create his brand of sound should be apparent (and MAJORLY appreciated) while listening to any of his works, including [FKA] Henry Dawson and half his work in Cream Juice. It’s like he’ll send me nuggets of diamonds with the purest clarity, only when I follow up in Google-chat (as he’s a dear pal of mine), he’s like “Yeah, I tossed that one. Didn’t like where it was heading.” And then I internally flip out and wait until the next best thing. Seth Graham’s next best thing rests upon the Orange Milk Records horizon, and it’s been entitled, No.00 In Clean Life.

In light of Seth’s new ditty of a CS, he’s fronting the title track, “No.00 In Clean Life” as a first-taste. Actually, had he not sent me all the tracks previously, I’d’ve thought this SoundCloud is a compilation of the whole cassette. Yet, even though No.00 In Clean Life isn’t long in length (on the reel), Seth Graham has a way of condensing music, almost creating it as his own personal style/genre, although I doubt he’d consider it this, but he’s the Campbell’s soup can of music right now. If all these were stretched out more (say it were a 45 played at 33, but it’s on cassette, don’t be mistaken), and his process time reflected in musical length, it’d be the milk and water added to the soup. But I think Seth is most of a meat and potatoes type of guy.

Scope Seth Graham’s meat and potatoes condensation in “No.00 In Clean Life” off his new Orange Milk Records cassette tape No.00 In Clean Life, coming SOON!

• Seth Graham: https://soundcloud.com/sethaarongraham
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com

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