♫♪  Tigerwing x Barnaby Bennett - ‘XELA [tour 2014]

Welp, Tigerwing x Barnaby Bennett took ‘XELA on the road, and made some sweet music magic. And as proof, they snagged a BUNCH of video footage, including boxed wine and a Dolly Parton cover. This is super fun, too. Just tons of behind-the-scenes nonsense that makes their collaboration WORK. Brilliance is all in how you careless about everything else but the moment at hand. How you interact with surroundings and self. Becoming the relationship. Not defining things by something physical. Just roaming free. Fleshing out the feel of the land. Open air and laughing. All the things you can’t capture in a jar Tigerwing x Barnaby Bennett has conjured up on tour to proove ‘XELA is just a once-in-a-lifetime piece of work.

Journey along with them below, and expect BIG things this coming 2015 from Tigerwing x Barnaby Bennett, b/c ‘XELA (find the CD here) was just the beginning!

• Tigerwing: http://tigerwing.bandcamp.com
• Barnaby Bennett: http://barnabybennett.snack.ws

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