♫♪  Tigerwing - Black Light / White Lies

What is it about Tigerwing’s Black Light / White Lies that gets the club quaking? It’s probably the trembling bass of “Abraca-Bye” that immediately grips leg muscles by their nerves only to make em move. Or the wooziness of “Cold Hands” to cut the dance floor a break, so grab a partner close and take a minute (or three) to slow dance. And the beckoning rythm in “Tell Me” swirls heads into a two-step number they pick up quick, free-styling like the weaving of Tigerwing’s lyrics. Yet, the most prominently obvious siren of Black Light / White Lies is Tigerwing’s vocal presence. Like, feeling of artist being present is abound. As if Tigerwing were singing, standing before you.

Then the remix and edits happen, which are just explosive enough to keep listeners repeating Tigerwing’s Black Light / White Lies on the Drama Hands Bandcamp until it’s time to fork up some dough. So just grip the digital and have a listen below:

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