♫♪  Tomaga - Familiar Obstacles (Side A - Excerpt #1)

What’s that tumbling down the hall like a night of alley walking around the wrong area of town? That’s yellow and negative art, fragments of memory and violence, tools and a hell of a lot of soreness in the morning. Surface Tomaga’s Familiar Obstacles preview video below and feel it before a fuller taste:

Adventurism in the sonic temples of mind is a direct MO of Tomaga. There’s visuals nearly at every turn and unintentional photosynthesis growing in all directions, thus Familiar Obstacles feels immediately in place and at home on (shared) labels Hands in the Dark, Blank Editions and Negative Days (Tomaga’s imprint). Journeying through and traversing grounds that quest no human but the daring. One who is as aware as they are blind, and hands-on without the sense of touch. Familiar Obstacles is certainly a feeling, but one less shared than it is experienced. It’s an individual overload of nerve endings, and the only way to accomplish anything is to go straight through. Be the lead. Find another dimension of paradise. It’s all in Tomaga’s sound on Familiar Obstacles. Scope the Side-A excerpt below:

• Tomaga: http://julietippex.com/roster/tomaga
• Blank Editions: http://blankeditions.com
• Hands in the Dark: http://handsinthedarkrecords.com

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