—no pussyfootting—

Now that we got the album outta the way, it’s time for TMT’s premiere of TOMAGA’s new Hands In The Dark LP of the title track, “THE SHAPE OF THE DANCE.” And I’ve never thought of a better way to dance along with a Hands In The Dark release. I mean, “THE SHAPE OF THE DANCE” is the perfect next step for both the label and TOMAGA in terms of advancing both discography’s sound progressively and articulately; the raw slaps of rhythm and tenacious scaring of at-will electronically warped scribbles, almost like a harmonious call-and-response of droned-out space and spastic ADHD equalization. This is all transposed visually via blue light — the perfect mood-color — silhouetting a figure abstractly dancing to the performed sounds, adding in flickers of VHS into tense the sense. Feel it below, snoop the rest above, and head on over to The Shape Of The Dance.

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