♫♪  Virginia Trance - “Lunar Son”

Alternative rock “these days” is just as kitche as vaporwave, if you think about it. Or like another noise release that finds all the crevasses of your brain — that vaporwave cloud of corporate-psyche destruction: 21st century alt-rock is a void of all memories of youth. So, Virginia Trance’s new single, “Lunar Son” off the debut BYM Records release, S/T, sounds like…

Lemme know. My feels make me generate a notion that Virginia Trance might just be something that’s in the merge of that new-new alt rock and a tinge of late nineties alt rock. Late nineties alt rock just before it was played on the radio a decade almost too late. Or, shit, Virginia Trance just might be the salvation for those who haven’t moved past a cultural level of jamming and feeling hard ego

Smooth lyrics are vocalizing throughout. A strum that melodies rich hooks. That steady enough beat and bass that takes a walk for you. And me. And him. Also, her, bro. C’mon! Virginia Trance got that new S/T out on BYM Records now. These days I be feeling “Lunar Son” for only one reason:

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