♫♪  Virginia Trance - “Your Guru”

As the 70s cowboy would walk in more modern boots, Virginia Trance (Scott Davis) rides that same strut-stride along head-nodding first single “Your Guru.” Just truckin’ on by, really, slick guitar, acoustic rhythm, walking bass, beaten up drums, and smooth-but-slightly-tattered vocals. Set up camp, though, ‘cause traveling this far within the Virgina Trance, one finally finds their inner-self OR, “Your Guru.” Mountain tops and rustling bushes. Branches stretching from the mind to the melt. That noggin stewin’ up a good batch of brains, sizzling between each bubble of imagination bursting between nods. Yet, it’s kept contained and calm. You weren’t sure just what you were buying, but it’s all good. Eyes closed. Focusing on that owl cadence in the trees. Pine cones falling gently onto bushels of needles. Maybe you’re next. Maybe it’s New York or Memphis.

Need I continue. Feel “Your Guru” via Virginia Trance will help listeners grip the depths of their inner drip. Prior to Virginia Trance, Scott Davis road a horse named Images and spent a yearlong tenure in Psychic Ills. “Your Guru” comes off Virginia Trance’s FIRST release, a 7-inch with the track “Something in the Air” on the b-side. Tracks were mastered by Matt ‘MV’ Valentine, mixed by Tres Warren, and recorded at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. You can purchase here to fully enjoy your inner moments.

• Virginia Trance: http://virginiatrance.bigcartel.com

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