♫♪  Wild Kid - “Lapse”

Take the night off. Find an area of your domicile you’ve never chilled before and chill. Click ► on Wild Kid’s newest Cathedral EP (out July 28 on the label Wild Kid co-runs, 48k), and absorb the city’s energy. Become enchanted by the encompassing party. Feel consumed in the area of your new chill-spot. And begin to expand. Turn the nob. Listen to the streets. Open a new door. Let loose, no matter where you end up. Sweat until it’s all out.

Release in the sheltered vibes of Cathedral EP as Wild Kid swirls the chaos of [everything at once] with a calm finesse that dunks on listeners in wafts of fragile politeness. It’s late, let’s stay up, but keep it vibing. Access NYC’s newest club-squad/-crew 48k, and transcend into the morning after with “Lapse” from Wild Kid:

Quick Q&A

Tell us about your new Cathedral EP.
It’s a cathartic record for me, and I hope it will fulfill that same purpose for others. I wrote it during a particularly tumultuous time in my life, and it existed for me as a place to retreat into and find some peace when I had nowhere else to do that. So the record is designed to create a kind of sanctuary where there is none. To that end, it also explores the power music can have as a religious substitute; you can seek refuge in it, it can be intensely emotional and give meaning to a life, it can save people. The tracks are some of the most expansive stuff I’ve written, because I wanted them to carry an almost devout sense of power and awe. They’re kind of like my own personal version of secular gospel. That’s probably an oxymoron, but I’m rolling with it.

What is 48k, and why did you start it?
48k is primarily a record label as of now, but we planned it to be a kind of umbrella company: a roof under which we can create, release, or present all different kinds of work, from music to video to live performance. The plan is to grow it into something more multidisciplinary over time. We started it for a couple of reasons. First off, as an artist I’ve operated without a collective or a team up until now. I’ve worked closely with people and made great friends in the music world, but my output never quite fit into a particular scene or aesthetic. So rather than try to shoehorn it, I’m building my own team. Adding to that is the importance of a family vibe for me. The family I’ve chosen is really important to me (you know who you are!) and the labels I look up to the most have tight-knit rosters that operate like families, where the artists work together often and feel a sense of kinship with one another. We want to build our own version of that around what we’re trying to do. Lastly it’s about being able to control my own output and not having to rely as much on third-parties or gatekeepers to put projects out there the way I want.

What can we expect to see from 48k going forward?
We’ve got some fun news coming in the immediate future, so keep an eye out for an announcement in the coming days! This year, we have plans to further develop our release roster and branch out into merchandise, physical releases, and events and performances. You can definitely expect more music from me. And long-term, I’d say the possibilities are far-reaching; we’re not exactly sure what form this thing will take, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? We’re into it all.

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