♫♪  Woset - “Porous”

Elestial Sound is prepping a slew of releases foretold by their 2015 Forecasetthe ongoing Chefs series popped up last month and now the LP circuit is warming up with Woset’s new self-titled full-length. Woset marks the Tallashassee crew’s third album in six years, first since 2012, and first one pressed to vinyl! You KNOW that has to feel good.

Led by multi-instrumentalist composer Ian Power, Woset took roots in 2009 with the folk-leaning TreeLines – an album from far and near their current finesse. Psychedelia is toned down, little to no acoustic work, but the warm jazz sound that Woset and labelmates like Euglossine, MSNRA, and Kane Pour hold dear shines. Woset dances around bossa nova confines, coiling soft rock into ambience into jazz into funky baselines into a Copa Cabana mellow, hip-swaying sunup.

One thing that stands out from Woset is the clear lack of a single. Like a stage of 11 equally qualified candidates all asked to make their case but make a massage circle instead, the self-titled LP is one cohesive work. But to juice up intisipation, “Porous” was plucked for it’s watery-eyed haze and jazzed trumpet. Imagine Herb Alpert with a Bengamin Button curse, getting super into Christopher Cross’s “Ride With The Wind” – that’s “Porous,” Woset, and available for pre-order on Woset’s Bandcamp and the Elestial Sound webstore.

• Woset: https://woset.bandcamp.com
• Elestial Sound: http://www.elestialsound.com

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