♫♪  Woset - Woset

Deep in the swamps and springs of North Florida lived a slow-moving creature never before seen by human eyes. It’s fur was coarse, it’s face drooped, and it’s back arched. It hadn’t figured out where it began and had no home but found comfort in the few Bossa Nova vinyl it lugged around in a camper’s lost sack. Occasionally sneaking into riverside vacation homes of the Suwannee and Ichetucknee and playing them. Legend has it, when camping on the rivers, if you leave your favorite Sérgio Mendes record outside your tent, the creature will totally judge you and leave notes with why you’re wrong with a postscript of “stay cool, Bossa” with a crude drawing of this. But word is the creature is moving away from bossa nova – much to the chagrin of the BN scene – but doesn’t know where to start. So, if you’re in the area or planning a camping trip down to North Florida, bring Woset’s new self-titled album with you and maybe the lil dude will grace your tent and maybe we’ll get it on a new path to supporting its local music community.

Woset is out now on digital and wax on Elestial Sound.

• Woset: https://woset.bandcamp.com
• Elestial Sound: http://www.elestialsound.com

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