♫♪  18+ - “NECTAR” [ft. Aids-3d]

FINALLY!! The “NECTAR” dancing avatar ladies TOTALLY bring validity to my childhood perversion for the NFL Blitz cheerleaders. Shit, all this technology. Eventually, people will predominantly flirt via personalized songmaking or video — anything digital art, really. Or maybe use vibrations to help each other get off? Maybe. Actually, the only thing noticeably not technology driven in “NECTAR” is a water pipe noise around the 1:53 mark. And I dunno if Aids-3d is saying “suckin’ on the lawn” after the bong pull, but that’s a delightful little line. Shit, even “suck it on the lawn” sounds like a nice, little, warm afternoon adventure. Problem is, it’s October 1. Hopefully 18+ comes out with that gat-damn mixtape sometimes soon to provide the HOT. jDean is right about listening to these tracks ad nauseum: it’s totally possible, but I need a full piece at this point, or I’ll warp into the internet myself to extract it. You’re invited!

• 18+: http://18plus18plus18plus.tumblr.com
• Aids-3d: http://soundcloud.com/aids3d

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