♫♪  Ahnnu - “goooochi st00pid”

How relevant is a two year old remix of a five year old song? Considering the circumstances, pretty relevant. GodsConnect knows what’s up. Timing is everything, or some other cliche about time. And even if the video/track wasn’t presently pertinent, at least Ahnnu tore that loop a new one. Celebrate that!

Check out the rest of GodsConnect’s work. Like maybe this gem, or even re-peep C’s shout out (“Knx does lyrics??” What a troll!!) from earlier this month.

• Gucci Mane: http://www.guccimaneonline.com
• Ahnnu: https://ahnnu.bandcamp.com
• GodsConnect: http://godsconnect.tumblr.com

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