♫♪  Chief Keef - “Gucci Gang” (ft. Justo & Tadoe)

Our relationship with Keef is 300% natural. First, Bang Mixtape — we’re feeling each other out, something’s there, we’re sitting around playing N64, and Keef’s throwing out freestyles in our ear in the hall between classes. It’s young fun. Then Back From the Dead — BANG. We’re hitting it off with this unadulterated infatuation; there is love and admiration big enough to make a huge impact, the abrupt change we wait for. Then the honeymoon — Bang Pt. 2, Almighty So — where we’re vibing, enjoying each other’s presence, buying matching four-wheelers. Keef starts auto-tuning, but the love is still there, so we tolerate it — hell, sometimes we love it (“Citgo”). But then Keef starts running in with the law and we’re apart for long periods of time and the auto-tune that was once tolerable because a nuisance and we become distant.

The next stage brings us up to date. Keef is still getting in trouble, but the auto-tuned craziness has died down. He’s promised thingsBang 3 — will be better, and we want to believe him; our love was so pure two years ago. So now we’re in this weird relationship-limbo, where we start asking other people for advice. They keep saying, “He’s only 18; you’ve only known the man for three years. Maybe it’s time for a break. Maybe things will change for the better, maybe not. Just remember all the fun you had together, and then maybe down the line you can save that shit.”

• Chief Keef: http://www.chiefkeef.com

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