♫♪  Eartheater - “M.O.M.”

TMT favorite Eartheater (née Alexandra Drewchin) recently took on a one-month residency at Brooklyn’s movement space Otion Front Studio, in which time she finished a new full-length, a book, and a nearly hour-long piece of choreography.

As we eagerly wait for her other new projects to eventually materialize, we have “M.O.M.” (“Mind Over Matter”), an edit of that live performance which recently went up on Purple. The piece here continues Drewchin’s use of the human body as a full instrument in her work, not just incorporating movement as a complement to her music but as part of the music itself — and exploring the limits of what sound and shape can allow each other to morph into.

It’s very much worth reading the entire, lengthy text she included in the post linked to above, but, to excerpt it here:

… What’s increasingly vexing is that the world is rapidly becoming a place where many of us do not change shape at all. That’s why we can’t help double tapping on content of sweaty shirtless hard core kids flexing like scorpions, or Fluct performances, because the body yearns to experience ecstatic shape but increasingly does so only vicariously. As culture is propelled by the internet, bodies get left behind collecting webbed tensions from moments of spiked cortisol production and other chemical clutter. Glands ready to release cleansing and stimulating hormones into the bloodstream await the shape’s full expression.

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