♫♪  FKA twigs - “Two Weeks”

Facebook LIKE-EMPEROR and TMT gold-boy, Paul Bower threw this FKA twigs video of “Two Weeks ” out to our writer forum the other day and I couldn’t help but snag the beauty and share it on Chocolate Grinder. And if you thought FKA twigs was infallible up to this point, then “Two Weeks ” will continue you along that mode of thinking. OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-kay, fuck it. I just pre-ordered the special edition of LP1 on the FKA twigs website ‘cause, not only am I a sucker, but my fiancee will appreciate it, for sure.

Damn, do y’all think FKA twigs can make things happen with her voice? LOL — I mean BEYOND what’s humanly possible for anyone to do. Like, can she make things float with her voice, or change the shape/direction of her facial features, or turn great into gold? Fuck you if this idea seems silly to you. You’re probably just banking off this post for more value to sell off your physical music collection one day. Please. Hang on to LP1. FKA twigs’ voice is the future of health care. Prepare to hear a lot more of this chanteuse as your life expands and see how the healing touch of singing can help us all!

LP1 is out on Young Turks August 11, but you can pre-order the CD/LP/Deluxe LP from the FKA twigs website below.

• FKA twigs: http://fkatwi.gs
• Young Turks: http://theyoungturks.co.uk

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