♫♪  Goch - “Terbium Energy Catalyst”

Remember peaking that one time so hard that you saw the inside of your mind? Well, S/O to Goch and Quantum Natives for bringing that image to video by-way of new razor-dance jam “Terbium Energy Catalyst.” Oh, it also could be a depiction of Earth, but I ain’t ever been to space. But if you can’t feel the sharpness and cut from the edge of “Terbium Energy Catalyst” searing ambiance, hyper-vein pulse, and bubble-smeared beat, you’re probably riding in the car next to me, so Ima turn it up on yo ass.

Oh, but you IS listening to Goch’s “Terbium Energy Catalyst?” But not the slew of downloadable SoundCloud edits (from Ill Tariq, Brood Ma, energypangea.org, 2lön, and recsund)? My listener, yo. Scope it below. Feel the Quantum Native community vibe. Get Goch’d:

• Goch: https://soundcloud.com/vladimirgockov
• Quantum Natives: http://quantumnatives.com

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