♫♪  Golden Living Room - “First Contact” Ft. OSCOB

Are you “The Seeker of Water” during POST-INTERNET life? Has your GOLDEN LIVING ROOM been overgrown with wires and wifi signals? Can you feel the OSCOB pulse of POST-INTERNET tinging the air with charged molecules?

Phinery did. And they sure enough dropped POST-INTERNET in the form of music, from the future mind of GOLDEN LIVING ROOM. To start things off right, Ima just slice this video for “The Seeker of Water” (ft. OSCOB), because I’m not even gonna tip you off on the brilliance of POST-INTERNET with any sort of description or information (considering you can listen to it entirely below). I got loads of words to provide about the Phinery drop of GOLDEN LIVING ROOM’s clairvoyance. Just gimme a second to get it all out there in-full. LOL But for now: strap in. The ride is gonna be like a roller coaster that goes from zero to 80 in a minute. But at negative fiber optic speeds.

Also, admitted by GOLDEN LIVING ROOM, “Mfw making Post-Internet:”

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