♫♪  High aura’d - “River Runs Like Jewels”

“Sanguine,” as in Sanguine Futures, the title of High aura’d’s sublime new album on Bathetic Records, means “optimistic.” I think that’s nice. Especially as I’m watching the sangria-soaked video for “River Runs Like Jewels” off the album, the title just works perfectly. Omar Mashaal’s visuals offer a glimpse of the future here in the old lady and her crimson bejeweled dress, and it shouldn’t be the prettiest picture; wrinkled skin, gnarled knuckles, hands shaking in arthritic pain. But those guitars gently moan, soothing like aloe on an emotional burn, and the camera’s soft focus blurs the imagery into something serene, warm, and comforting. Bah, I’m trying too hard, and this video is too gorgeous, so I’ll quit while I’m behind and let this one give your brain the rubdown it so desperately needs on a Monday.

• High aura’d: http://highaurad.blogspot.com
• Bathetic Records: http://www.batheticrecords.com

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