♫♪  Kool Keith - “United”

The last couple days I been working with this Jamaican fellah. Desmond. So, we listened to some 1080 and Lick It Back, some nu-age meditation and Meme Vivaldi. And then he was like, “What else, you kno?” So we checked out Kool Keith’s new video for “United” and after seeing his folder “new asses” next to the “MyKids” folder on his hard drive, and ya. He was fucking into the video. Then we started making sublimation images of his family while listening to “United,” and all he had to say was,” This is filthy. What’s next on the speaker, yah?” But I kept it real Kool. Because I’m not hear on Earph to plz u or n e 1. I want u to be u an me to me on me, like. Muster your bumba on out here, now. We no need dem negi thoughts. This Kool Keith “United.” Get a FUCKING hotel room.

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