♫♪  LA Vampires and Maria Minerva - “Seasons Change”

Like behind-the-scenes footage for some French New Wave-era film, the video for “Seasons Change” from the Not Not Fun collaboration between LA Vampires and Maria Minerva manages to take mundane, daily activities and make them look cool. Scenes rotate between black-and-white and psychedelic color schemes as Amanda Brown (LA Vampires) and Maria Minerva (who earlier this year released the fantastic Will Happiness Find Me?) make their way between empty apartment hallways and sunny Los Angeles streets. But the detuned piano loop, minor keys, and cloudy vocals give what could be a fan-submitted YouTube video to Len’s “If You Steal My Sunshine” that disconcerting quality of which only weirdos like LA Vampires and Maria Minerva are capable.

Watch the video for “Seasons Change” above and buy the LP collaboration, The Integration, from Not Not Fun. It’s a pretty safe bet: none of the LA Vampires collaborations have disappointed yet, and the woman founded Not Not Fun and 100% silk, for god’s sake.

• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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