♫♪  Mndsgn - “Camelblues”

Recently, I’ve been making some harsh accusations about these indie-R&B musicians self-swagger-jacking either through two-year old instrumental sounds or being supremely egotistical in their video. Or, if not egotistical, just seemingly repeating what others have done in music videos while singing, which looks like THIS, or a rendition of that photo. Well, Mndsgn just out swagged y’all with originality by a LONG-ASS shot in his newest video for “Camelblues,” off Stones Throw’s August release of Yawn Zen.

Not only is yung Mndsgn DIY’ing the SHIT outta “Camelblues” visually, but I’m willing to bet this thrift store paid HIM as a two-parter: music-video and commercial. Furthermore, he’s so anti-swag in this environment and the situations he’s getting himself into, it’s like he’s building a mountain of pure cool. The freshest cool. It’s as if Ross Harris (director) is pointing and giving direction, and Mndsgn is like, “Yeah? Ok, sure. I’ll do that. This is fun!” Totally simple. Ain’t nothing to swag but you! And if you can’t find that in “Camelblues” alone, Yawn Zen popped off on vinyl August 26, and is awaiting for a spin on your turntable. Won’t you be his neighbor?

• Mndsgn: http://mndsgn.bandcamp.com
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com

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