This is what you heard in the background while cooking last night instead of listening to “Suppression” by Profligate:

Grey’s Anatomy: Episode 20 (aired April 4, 2013)

“Why can’t I stay here like we did last night?” -boy
“Well, that’s not going to work out.” -man
“I don’t want to go with her. My mom and dad are here.” -boy
“Listen, okay. They’re going to give you a great dinner and probably give you ice cream for dessert. And let you play video games.” -man
*boy breathes deeply a lot*
“Hey. Hey-hey-hey, it’s going to be fine. I promise.” -man

“Okay. Is that… better?” -other man
“Yeah, ah-but, um - practice it a bunch more times. The faster you get in and out, the better your outcomes will be.” -lady
“Promise me you’ll kill me before I start forgetting where my keys are.” -other lady
“Of course” -lady
“…I don’t want my kids to go through what I went through.” -other lady
“Don’t worry. You had me at lethal injection.” -lady

“Wow is that my door-prize?” -dude
“Just so you know I was working with these two Syrian guys today, and they hardly get any supplies any more.” -chick

North Korea, amirite? JK… Cool Ranch tacos hurt you. What’s creepier: hearing this dialogue or potentially being on a video camera in this here “Suppression” video? Regardless, Profligate been tearing it up. Everyone should own this 12-inch. It’s at 45 RPMs & cheap. “Suppression” is off ex-Night Burger fellah’s 12-inch Come Follow Me on More Records and Hot Releases. It’s dark and far from fuck-off.

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