Seth Graham
“While I Was Sick”

From Singapore Sling TapesHuckleberry Friend comes Seth Graham’s new video for “While I Was Sick,” off his (yesterday’s) brand-new cassette Goop on Noumenal Loom. And as this is my favorite song of my pal Seth’s newest album, it’s a total bummer for me now to listen to since he moved back to Dayton, Ohio, and NYC ain’t the same now without him. Thus, the track has had a variety of meaning to me: incredible live set he hustled everyone at, his first track of “new” material, and (now) his departure from the city of SIN.

At any rate, the video for “While I Was Sick” is way more spastic than the actual song, but definitely matches Seth’s usage and implementation of noise trajectory upon his artistic composure, and I’m digging the visual randomness, including the end credits. As Seth is the MAN — and I’m glad he’s rubbed off on Bort — Ima try and replicate his “MAN” actions by embedding the entirety of Goop below, streaming from his SoundCloud. So grip it today on Noumenal Loom and feel every bit of sound:

• Seth Graham:
• Noumenal Loom:

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