♫♪  STCLVR - “Paving Over”

I’ve been making good progress mopping up copious amounts of mental grime lately (Spring, ✿❀ yay ❀✿). It was a lackluster effort until recently, far from the cathartic purge that would probably feel better and be more…satisfying. Sad to say I’m not much of the type to birth a surge of rather stunning, emotionally loaded broodworks but luckily I get gifted with discovering artists of the aforementioned. Score?

STCLVR (being George Moore) presents a sonically-inclined headfuck, some industrial indulgence straight from the grimoire and into the buzzsaw. Oddly enough, I think I found all of that aforementioned mental grime, coating a severed drain pipe ready to return all that anxiety and fear to my head with one swing. I think if his latest video is any indication, STCLVR is a lovely presence but certainly more of the cathartic caliber than I, and strangely in possession of my attention. Not saying a revisiting of these dark emotions is necessary but it’s almost liberating to hear them animalized, sludged up and served back to me on STCLVR’s crypt floor.

STCLVR’s latest offering (co-produced, mixed, AND mastered by Fire-Toolz, no less) is now available on Phage Tapes’s crypt floor, under the guise of “Hostile Work Environment.” Hope you have things you need to get off your chest, now’s the time.

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