♫♪  Thought Gang (David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti) - “A Real Indication”

Remember that scene in Fire Walk With Me when Bobby interrogates Laura outside of Twin Peaks High School? He’s paranoid about where she was (in the custodian’s room) and who she was with (her secret lover/buffoon James), but Laura makes fun of Bobby and laughs it off. After he threatens to withhold drugs from her, Laura subdues his anger by simply requesting a smile. Surrendering to her charm, Bobby smiles big, says “Love ya, babe,” and inexplicably walks backwards into school.

The song that plays during this scene is “A Real Indication,” which is released today with its original 1992 video. It was shot by David Lynch on Hi-8, and it stars Angelo Badalamenti, whose original talk-sing performance in the song excited Lynch so much that he developed an actual fucking HERNIA. “It was like a lightbulb exploded in my stomach,” said Lynch. (Or, as Gordon Cole would put it: “IT WAS LIKE A LIGHTBULB EXPLODED IN MY STOMACH!”)

“A Real Indication” comes from David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti’s “lost” Thought Gang album, which Sacred Bones will finally release tomorrow — depending on which timeline you’re in, of course. And, hey, if you live in New York (or are at least able to teleport there by falling through The Red Room’s floor before being immersed in black liquid), swing by Rough Trade next Wednesday (November 7) to meet Badalamenti for a signing. And bring him an espresso!

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