♫♪  Thought Gang - “Ant Head”

No doubt David Lynch would love the proclamation that “the dream team is back again.” The slightly less Lynchian moniker, Thought Gang, is an adventure between him and frequent collaborator Angelo Badalamenti, whose scores provide much heavy lifting as the musical accompaniment to the auteur’s warped visions.

Coming off of the “Festival of Disruption,” a two-day festival featuring an eclectic cabal of artists – not to mention, you know, the revival of his critically-acclaimed TV series – Lynch is still riding high. He’s been feeling so good (no doubt also because of some damn fine coffee) that he’s sharing the results of “Ant Head,” which premiered at Disruption.

The clip slots in with Lynch’s Philadelphia-era aesthetic, which makes sense, given the Thought Gang project has been in various points of activity since 1992. At this point, “Ant Head” should surprise no one and please everyone. The video features album cuts “Frank 2000” and “Woodcutters From Fiery Ships.”

Thought Gang is out now. Should the nitrous strike you, grab some ultra-limited colored vinyl variations directly from Sacred Bones. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Stalin Revisited
2. Logic and Common Sense
3. One Dog Bark
4. Woodcutters From Fiery Ships
5. A Real Indication
6. Jack Paints It Red
7. A Meaningless Conversation
8. Frank 2000 Prelude
9. Multi-Tempo Wind Boogie
10. The Black Dog Runs at Night
11. Frank 2000
12. Summer Night Noise

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