David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti to release lost album of “Modern Music” as Thought Gang

David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti to release lost album of "Modern Music" as Thought Gang
Left to right: Badalamenti, (BOB), Lynch.

FINALLY: an article where we can freely reference the universe of cult hit early 90s television program, cult hit slightly later early 90s film, and cult hit late 2010s premium cable revival series Twin Peaks! Despite never getting much in the way of formal recognition from lamestream America — thanks for nothing, The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards! — the world of Twin Peaks is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

For example: long thought to be lost forever in an endless maze of red curtains, chevron floors, and glassy-eyed doppelgängers, a collaborative album between Peaks co-creator David Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti is emerging through an electrical outlet and into our lives on November 2 via Sacred Bones.

Dubbed “Thought Gang”, Lynch and Badalamenti recorded the songs that would come to makeup their self-titled collaboration throughout the early 90s. Some of the tracks might actually be familiar to certain listeners, having appeared on the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack, or in Twin Peaks: The Return, or in various other Lynch projects throughout the years. At one point, the revelation of utilizing Badalamenti’s talk-singing made Lynch so excited, he gave himself a hernia, which he then went into principle photography on Fire Walk With Me with.

According to Lynch, listeners can expect to hear “Modern Music” on this record; judging from the single “Woodcutters From Fiery Ships,” this means a combination of improv jazz, noisey soundscapes, and spoken word narration. (Wouldn’t expect anything less from these two, honestly.) Listen to “Woodcutters From Fiery Ships” off of Thought Gang’s Thought Gang and check out the album’s full tracklisting and artwork down below.

A video piece for the album, created by David Lynch (who has some experience with the medium), will also premiere at his upcoming (October 13-14 in LA) Festival of Disruption. Commenting on the video, Lynch said, “It is a short video featuring my friends the ants, along with cheese, etc. and one and a half tracks from the upcoming Thought Gang album.”

Thought Gang will be released on CD, vinyl, and digitally via Sacred Bones on November 2. It can be pre-ordered here. It is happening again, etc. etc…

Thought Gang

01. Stalin Revisited
02. Logic and Common Sense
03. One Dog Bark
04. Woodcutters From Fiery Ships
05. A Real Indication
06. Jack Paints It Red
07. A Meaningless Conversation
08. Frank 2000 Prelude
09. Multi-Tempo Wind Boogie
10. The Black Dog Runs at Night
11. Frank 2000
12. Summer Night Noise

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