♫♪  Tim Heidecker - “Work From Home”

Here comes Tim Heidecker’s next, like, music album, and with it apparently the most music-video-like music video I’ve seen associated with him? Maybe I’m showing my age, but the video for “Work From Home” (written and directed by Austin Kearns) immediately made me think of the 90s, and it took me a while before I realized I was thinking of that old Lisa Loeb video, also a single-shot sweep through a dingy home.

Heidecker is lyrically at his most literal and unpoetic here, humor as dry as his mouth must be as he stumbles hungover through the stragglers from last night’s party — including Rado Records and Foxygen founder Jonathan Rado, comic Chris Grace, and others who’ve proved less Google-able — still smoking and unconsciously gripping beer cans well past dawn.

Tim, I’ve been there too — but you’ve got kids now, man. It’s not too late to start. Say yes to life. <3

In Glendale is out May 20 on Jagjaguwar’s Rado Records imprint.

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