♫♪  Toiret Status - “#47”

Hark! Tehe. More from Noumenal Loom, this time, in the fizzy form of Toiret Status and a video for “#47” from their upcoming release Nyoi Plunger.

Digi play-doughy visuals come by way of mushbuh, off-nature. Stars melt and curl and there’s bright orange deserts, but not the ocher kind, more the Cheeto kind, the lick it off your fingers kind, the hide a Sour Patch Kid under your tongue for later kind.

De Chirico-esque landscapes full of rendered celestials flick by skeletal indoor scenes, and everything else is outside the lines. Little doodles climb trees that reach up to the sky. Pyramids shoot off into space, and, somewhere, a sunny side up egg is sizzled to shiny perfection. See the golden yolk, wobbling there, ready to be pricked by a hummingbird’s beak.

Love to the purple sun goddess, peaceful and somber in her worm. Love to the gradients of color that perfectly bleed down my giggling screen.

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