♫♪  Troller - “Storm Maker”

Troller is back, baby! After an extended absence, the Austin group has returned with their second LP, Graphic, out not via Holodeck, the home to many of band synth shredder Adam Jones’ other projects. It’s good to have them back, because 2016 is looking like a messed up year (as if previous years haven’t been completely effed?). Anyways, they’ve got a new album, and a new song, “Storm Maker,” which has a new video. It’s bleak, slow, and full of dreamy synths and vocalist Amber Goers’ ghostly croon. Turn off the lights and watch below.

Oh, and do you like tapes? Or are you a vinyl head? Oh, wait, no, you’re into digital? Well, H-deck’s got you covered, son, cuz Graphic is available in all three formats. Even though Record Store Day already passed us by, and you probably blew your disposable income for the rest of April and May, you might want to consider giving up that daily Frappuccino habit for a bit so you can score this bad boy.

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