ADULT. Gimme Trouble

[Thrill Jockey; 2005]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: post-punk, indie electronic
Others: Numbers, Broadcast, Gold Chains & Sue Cie, Joy Division

I'm a guy who likes weird bands. For whatever cosmic reasons, I was raised to favor most artists who toy with areas of the psyche often overlooked by simple rock purists. Despite the desire to be referred to as a punk band, and with a loathing mistrust of electroclash in their hearts that I'm compelled to mention, the broad programming palette served by the husband and wife duo of Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus slashes across an always upbeat cross section of subtle twinges of atmosphere, equally contrasted and complimented by Squarepusher-like circuit bending on the opening track. Even to a casual listener, this distinguishes Gimme Trouble beyond any definitive genre classification, regardless of the volume of hyphens at any writer's disposal. I can see that, while not directly political like the Dead Kennedys, the tone of Nicola and her choice of powerful, grimy words that continually pulse over the consistently soft-core industrial (but, in their own way, funky) beats sees Gimme Trouble indisputably forging its own uniquely disturbing angst. Their creativity and the creativity of the likes of the Sex Pistols share a common root in social pressure, ADULT. coming with a sense of humble frustration from the hollow streets of the post-Industrial Revolution graveyard that is post-NAFTA Detroit. Born out of this is their DIY commitment, which includes doing all their own artwork and songs, and running a label since 1995. Although playing around in the studio recently (recording the D.U.M.E. EP) did see the addition of guitarist Sam Consiglio to the permanent line-up, that only brings ADULT. up to a trio; so it's still pretty low-key. Sam capably fills the role of providing a shamanic base for the couple's creepy pounding rage, as well as a human touch to play along with the steady pump of the traveling drum machine.

1. Gimme Trouble
2. Bad Ideas
3. Scare Up The Birds
4. Thought I Choked
5. Strange Mistakes
6. Disappoint The Youth
7. In My Nerves
8. Turn Into Fever
9. Helen Bach
10. Still Waiting
11. Lovely Love
12. Seal Me In

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